Nat20 Cosplay

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Lead Designer

"Hi, I'm Gwyndylynn. I am the lead designer for Nat20, and it's my job to bring all of these beautiful costumes to life, with the help of the rest of the crew."

Daisy Kay

Art Director

"Hey there!  I'm Daisy.  I'm the art designer.  I take care of any logos and other graphic design elements.  I'm pretty new to cosplay, and while I'm not that keen on being in the spotlight, I really can't imagine life without it."


Assistant Designer
Administrative Representative

"I'm R-A-T. Forgetful assistant designer and administrative representative for Nat20. It's my job to make sure anyone who wants to learn more about Nat20 has the information they need."


Video Production Director

"I'm Rolen, head of video production and writing. Anything that is not cosplay related has my input somewhere. After all someone has to keep these nook-sniffers in line!"


Habitual Cosplayer
General Delight

"I'm AJ.  A habitual crossplayer and general delight, I'm here to lighten the mood and help out where I can.  I've always loved cosplay, but I've only really been going out in costume for about 2 years now.  Even though it's only been 2 years, I can honestly say I'm simply one hell of a cosplayer."



"Hi there, I'm Tomato. I'm a common cosplayer who dabbles in many sorts of fandoms, hobbies, and sins. I love to switch up cosplays by putting a bit of a personal touch on them someway or somehow.  I try to provide support and camaraderie wherever I go. Remember - there's no such thing as a bad cosplay!"