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Hey everyone, Daisy here! It's time for Feature Friday, where we take the first Friday of every month to feature a local cosplayer/group. (Though sometimes it's not always the first one) Today we have the wonderful Iris of SevenCosplay!

Q:  How did you get into the wonderful world of cosplay?

A:  I've wanted to cosplay for years, I was eighteen when I met cosplayers in Montreal. It looked so cool and I really wanted to be a part of that. Unfortunately I didn't have the guts. Until one of my former classmates introduced me to cosplaying. These days she's one of my best friends and my faithful conbuddy. But Avalon gave me the courage to go to my first convention. She's been my cosplay sister ever since.

Q:  What's your all time favorite cosplay you've done?

A:  Either Quicksilver, Merle Dixon or Bucky Barnes (Civilian version, Civil War). I love those costumes because of their accuracy, and I get recognized in them quite frequently, which is just awesome.

Q:  What are your dreams and aspirations when it comes to your cosplay career?

A:  I hope to be known one day, I don't have to be famous or make money. But it would be really cool if people know who I am.  Cosplay is my escape from daily life, I get to be a guy for a few days and just be someone else for a change. So to be recognized for that is a dream. I also hope that our TWD cosplaying group; The Dutching Dead kicks off soon. It would be so cool to go pro one day.

Q:  If there was one piece of wisdom you could pass along to your fellow cosplayers, what would it be?

A:  Just have fun, don't pay attention to what haters and trolls say and always follow your dreams. You want to cosplay a character but don't have the right sex/age/race/size/whatever? Screw that and just do it anyway. Cosplaying is about fun and as long as you have fun, you're doing it right.

Make sure to head over to SevenCosplay and give her a like! Thanks again to Iris for being a part of this month's Feature Friday! Check back the first Friday of January for next month's Feature.

-- DK